Job Placement

Job Placement

As a new licensee, you may have questions on what broker to hire on with. No problem, we can guide you in the right direction!

Silver State Real Estate School works with a multitude of brokers who are seeking to hire new licensees. We have many brokers who recruit directly from our school. In addition, you are welcome to hire on with any broker you like. We recommend that you meet and interview with several brokers before making your final decision. And remember, you are always able to transfer your license to another broker anytime you like. 

There are thousands of brokers in Las Vegas. They all have their own payment schedules, desk fees, and perks. While in school, several brokers will come visit the class. Remember, the ball is in your court as brokers are always looking for new licensees. 

Please note that per NRS 394 we must disclose that we do not guarantee job placement or guarantee income amounts.

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